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Discover TeacherMatic: The AI platform designed by educators, for educators.

It really works and saves hours and hours of development.

Steve Wileman Head of Digital Learning

TeacherMatic takes away much of the worry and the considerable time needed by teachers to decide how and what to teach.. I thoroughly recommend it.

Kenneth O’Connell Consultant and former Ofsted inspector

Using TeacherMatic to generate a lesson plan on the bus! Writes lesson objectives, generates activity ideas and so much more. This is a game changer for the overburdened teacher.

Toby Doncaster Teacher

TeacherMatic is a glimpse of the future of teaching. It’s a support tool that can improve staff wellbeing and reduce workloads by simplifying tasks ...which would normally take hours to compile, all within a few minutes.

Simon Ellershaw Teacher

I think that Teachermatic has exceeded my expectations in just about every tool !

Dr Lynne Taylerson Teacher Trainer

Wow already blown away by the capabilities  

Natalie Hegedus Teacher

This is absolutely incredible and is the best teaching accessory that I ever experienced or heard of. I can't imagine how much work has gone in to this. I am amazed!

Craig Scott Teacher

What Sci Fi taught us was that AI was coming but we did not see it was coming so fast

John Heffernan Education and Training Manager

This is gamer changer!

Khaled Al-Ankar Head of Digital Learning

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Benefits and Impact

Why Schools & Colleges are Choosing TeacherMatic

  • Reduce Teacher Workload: Let AI handle the repetitive tasks.
  • Improve Teaching & Learning: Harness research-backed pedagogical tools.
  • Boost Well-being: Less stress, more effective teaching
  • And many more…..

TeacherMatic isn't just another tool—it's a game-changer. By slashing administrative tasks, we free up educators to do what they love: inspire students. Less stress for teachers, more engaging lessons for students. It's a win-win, backed by research and loved by educators

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Happy Teachers

Transforming Schools with AI-Driven Lesson Planning, Engaging Activities, and Streamlined Content Creation

Unlock the power of AI-driven pedagogical tools tailored for today's educators. From lesson planning to classroom engagement, TeacherMatic offers a suite of features designed to streamline processes and enhance the learning experience

Lesson Plan Generators: Integrate learning needs & Bloom's Taxonomy seamlessly

Craft comprehensive lesson plans effortlessly. Our AI integrates learning needs with Bloom's Taxonomy, ensuring a holistic educational approach tailored to each student

MCQ Generator: Create questions based on keywords, URLs, or file uploads

Generate diverse multiple-choice questions in a snap. Whether it's based on specific keywords, URLs, or file uploads, our AI ensures quality and relevance every time

Classroom Question Generator: Engage students with Bloom's Taxonomy-based questions

Stimulate classroom discussions and critical thinking. With questions rooted in Bloom's Taxonomy, engage students in deeper, more meaningful conversations

Lesson Activity Generator: Foster student-centric, engaging, and creative learning

Revitalise classroom activities with student-centric approaches. Our generator fosters creativity and engagement, ensuring lessons are both fun and educational

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"I've just got my Sundays back!"

TeacherMatic Pilot – Using generative AI to reduce workload

Below are preliminary results from "Jisc’s national centre for AI" pilot of TeacherMatic

How easy did you find it to use TeacherMatic to create resources


The majority of educators found TeacherMatic incredibly user-friendly, making resource creation a breeze.

Were you happy with the quality and accuracy of TeacherMatic's AI generated teaching resources?


An overwhelming number of users were impressed with the caliber and precision of resources generated by TeacherMatic.

From an efficiency perspective, would you say TeacherMatic helped free time and speed up the process of content creation?


For most educators, TeacherMatic was a game-changer, significantly accelerating the content creation process and freeing up valuable time.

Did TeacherMatic meet your expectations?


Almost everyone agreed: TeacherMatic not only met but exceeded their expectations, setting a new standard in educational tools.

"The impact of this software is mind blowing! I find it difficult to put into words how HUGE this is on our profession. It has made me think carefully about how I as a manager cascades this into the department in order to share effective practice. I am very excited about the journey!"

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