TeacherMatic Advisory Board

Uniting influential educators and visionaries, the TeacherMatic Advisory Board is driven by a shared dedication to revolutionise the educational landscape. With a blend of collective experience and innovative thinking, they guide us in advancing the capabilities of AI in education. They provide invaluable insights on emerging trends, pedagogical strategies, and play a pivotal role in enhancing our platform's offerings to better serve teachers worldwide

Meet Our Advisory Members

Discover the dedicated and visionary individuals who are shaping the future of TeacherMatic and advancing the world of AI-driven education.

Amit Rele

Amit serves as an advisor on the board of TeacherMatic and comes with a vast experience in Sales and Business Development in the UK and European Geography. He has worked with customers across Educational Publishing, Edtech, Enterprise learning, Medical and Healthcare eductaion and communcations. He advises TeacherMatic on matters of startegy and customer acquistions. He has successfully jumpstarted sales in many startups and also sits on the board of other Edtech companies.

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