AI Powered Generators (Tools) for Teachers

Our generators will help you create teaching and learning activities and assessments, improve learning outcomes and reduce teacher workload.


How can these AI generators help you​?

TeacherMatic’s AI generators act like personal assistants for teachers. They make creating classroom materials easy by automatically making things like worksheets, quizzes, and lesson plans. Just tell the app what topic you need, and it does the rest. This way, teachers can save time and spend more of it teaching and connecting with their students.

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Lesson Plans

Craft comprehensive lesson plans effortlessly. Our AI integrates learning needs with Bloom’s Taxonomy, ensuring a holistic educational approach tailored to each student.


Ease your workload with the AI Rubric Generator. This tool quickens the creation of rubrics, which are essential but often underused due to the time it takes to make them. By providing clear, structured feedback, rubrics improve student understanding and engagement, making them a valuable asset in education


Generate diverse Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) in a snap. Whether it’s based on specific keywords, URLs, or file uploads, our AI ensures quality and relevance every time.  Our MCQ generator can export to numerous formats including PDF,s Word, GIFT, Kahoot, Quizizz, Blackboard and Canvas (QTI)

Course / Module Title

Produces a catchy and engaging course title, tailored to the individual needs and abilities of learners.

Course / Module description

Produces  a number of helpful alternative course descriptions from any given course or module title.


Generates a list of topics tailored to the individual needs and abilities of your students. It is important that learners are interested in the sessions that you will teach. 

Topic notes

Consolidate key information with the Topic Notes generator. Designed to capture the essence of any subject, this tool crafts concise sentences that highlight essential points for teachers to use with their learners.

Scheme of work

Planning a curriculum requires foresight and structure. The Schemes of Work generator provides educators with structured, coherent outlines that align seamlessly with curriculum standards and pedagogical best practices. Dive into a streamlined planning experience, ensuring every lesson sequence is purposeful and impactful.


The FAQ generator is designed to create a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for any topic or subject. 

The FAQs can also be easily integrated into any website or VLE. 


The glossary generator is designed to quickly create a comprehensive glossary for any topic or subject.  It will help create clear and concise definitions for key terms, concepts and jargon related to the topic. The glossary can also be easily integrated into websites or VLEs. 

Flash cards

The flashcard generator is designed to create a comprehensive set of flashcards for any topic or subject.  The flashcards can also be easily printed or exported to a digital format, making it a handy resource for teachers to use in the classroom. 

Bullet points

Creates a comprehensive list of key points for any topic or subject that can be used in many different ways by teachers – adding them to PowerPoint presentations, course notes or even feedback on course work. 


For any given topic, the generator will produce a set of questions for learners to answer in class that can be used in the format of a quiz.

Classroom questions

Create a wide range of unique and thought-provoking questions to help teachers engage and challenge their students in new and exciting ways.

Discussion topics

Inputting a subject area or theme, generates a variety of discussion topics that can be used to stimulate and challenge learners. This will help improve learners critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.

Plenary activities

Generates a number of activities to help teachers assess and evaluate how much student learning has taken place at the end of a lesson or unit. 

Classroom Debate

Critical thinking is a skill for life. The Debate generator stimulates this skill by providing thought-provoking topics that challenge students to analyze, argue, and articulate. Foster a classroom environment where every voice is heard, and every opinion is valued

SMART targets

Setting goals is pivotal and With the SMART Targets generator, educators can craft objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This tool ensures that every goal set is not only clear but also purpose-driven, providing students with a clear path to success and a tangible way to measure their progress.


Streamline your lesson planning with our Worksheet Generator. Effortlessly create custom worksheets in a Word document format, complete with a mix of task-based activities and multiple-choice questions. Tailor the challenge to your students’ needs with our unique complexity slider, ensuring the right level of difficulty for effective learning

Lesson Objectives

Craft precise and impactful learning objectives with ease. Our generator seamlessly integrates Bloom’s Taxonomy, ensuring depth and breadth in learning goals. Paired with a complexity slider, it offers tailored outputs across varied proficiency levels.

Step by Step

Simplifying complex processes is an art. The Step by Step generator breaks down intricate topics into digestible, sequential steps, ensuring students master every aspect with clarity. From procedures to concepts, make sure every topic is approachable and understandable.


Craft compelling presentations tailored to your topics with unmatched precision. Our updated Power Presentation Generator now accepts URLs as input, transforming web content into impactful slides. With the added complexity slider, fine-tune your presentation’s depth and detail to suit any audience

True or False

Test recall effectively. Design true or false questions that prompt students to reflect and apply their learning

Student Profile

Our Student Profile generator lets teachers input distinct learner characteristics, producing a detailed and insightful snapshot of each student

Analogy Maker

This generator produces a number of  analogies to simplify a complex concept and help learners understand.


Creates an event invitation with event name, location, time and date and personal sign-off


Create a short summary of a file or pasted text

SPAG+ Feedback

Upload student work and receive feedback on writing style and SPAG


A generator to create emails based on topics and desired outcomes.

Coaching Prompts

Generates prompts using the GROW model for a coach to use in a session on a named topic

Mentoring Prompts

Generates prompts using Egan’s Skilled Helper model to be used in a mentoring session on a named topic.

Lesson Observation Prompts

Provides key areas to observe in a session in a named specialist area on a given session topic

Lesson Observation Feedback

Provides lesson observation feedback key points to be given to a teacher

Appraisal Questions

Generates key questions to be used in an appraisal interview

CPD Action Planner

Generates key area in a SMART action plan for a teacher with named strengths and areas for improvement in a named department and subject

Newsletter Item

reates an entry for a newsletter / email shot on a named topic with named details and a given date.

Course Publicity

Description coming soon

Urgent Press Release

Message for raising awareness of urgent topics e.g. a few course places remaining, 1 day left to enrol

Social Media Posts

Generates the LinkedIn, Twitter/X, and Facebook post text for a named event with details, a date and time

Event Invitation

Creates an invitation to an event with subject, date, time and location and contact details for key person involved


Create assignments for students which focuses on 21st century skills such as problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking.

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