South Staffordshire College

Case Study

Case Study

Head of Digital Learning at South Staffordshire College, Steve Wileman has been planning to run a series of teaching sessions across the department on virtual reality.

The purpose for these sessions was not just to improve learners understanding about virtual reality but the intention was to help learners improve their English language and mathematic skills as well through the writing of a blog, following the session.

Steve decided that he would use some of the TeacherMatic generators to help plan the sessions and produce the learning activities to be used during the sessions. 

College Name
South Staffordshire College
Head of Digital Learning
Steve Wileman

Session Goals

The sessions were delivered to over 250 learners from their Rodbaston and Cannock campuses to help them with their Maths and English functional skills.

Steve and his team used a wide range of the generators to produce what they needed to run the sessions including the slides used in the session. Steve was able to take the content and string it together to make a very engaging session. 

What TeacherMatic platform looks like on different devices
The generators used by South Staffordshire College

The Generators

Steve and his team used the generators to produce the lesson

Title Generator
Course Description Generator
Topic Generator
Multiple Choice Generator
Learning Activities Generator
Course Improvements generator
Plenary Session Activities Generator
Discussion Topics Generator
Debate Generator
SMART Target Generator
“It really works and saves hours and hours of development”
Steve Wileman
South Staffordshire College

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