Organisational Licenses

We are pleased to offer bulk licenses to organisations at a great price. See below to learn more about how you can implement Teachermatic at your organisation.

How it works

If you wish to find out more about our organisational packages for bulk purchases of licenses (any number from 10 to 10,000) please contact or use our contact form. 

Frequently asked questions

We can indeed! 

Please send us an email at with the desired number of accounts and any other pertinent information, and we will follow up with an invoice within 24 hours. 

During checkout, you will be able to add as many domain names as required to your purchase. Users signing up from any of these domains will be allocated one of your licenses. 

Our support team will add your domain names as soon as possible and confirm this has been done by email. Please allow 24 hours for this process. 

If you wish to add licenses, please contact our sales team at who will pro rate the additional licenses for the remainder of your subscription period. 

If this way of working is not appropriate for your organisation, or you would prefer a different method of creating accounts, please contact us at or use our contact form. 

Our organisational licenses are not currently a recurring payment. We will send you an invoice ahead of the 

Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch