Navigating the Future of Education with TeacherMatic

Teaching is more than just a profession; it is a passion and an art. As educators, we are responsible for disseminating knowledge, igniting curiosity, fostering creativity, and encouraging critical thinking. However, we often juggle a million tasks in day-to-day teaching at once. Fear not; the AI revolution has arrived to lend us a digital helping hand. With the dawn of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, we can now delegate some of these tasks to intelligent tools and focus on our core mission: teaching.

TeacherMatic is a fast-evolving AI tool that promises to be the teacher’s superhero. A transformative tool heralding a new age in education by reducing the workload of teachers like myself and refining the delivery of educational content. 🙏

Gone are the days of spending endless hours buried in paperwork. With TeacherMatic, you can create jaw-dropping lessons and activities in a fraction of the time, leaving you with more energy to tackle the real hero stuff: teaching and inspiring young minds!

TeacherMatic: The teaching revolution you’ve been waiting for!

Simply put, TeacherMatic is your new sidekick; it automates teacher administration tasks. With its intelligent, user-friendly design, you can create schemes of work, lesson plans, and a whole range of resources to enhance lessons in a fraction of the usual time.

The beauty of the TeacherMatic is its universal applicability. It proves invaluable for seasoned teaching veterans like myself, streamlining the lesson planning process, reducing workload, and offering a fresh approach to student engagement. Yet, it also serves as a godsend for newly qualified teachers. It provides a supportive foundation as these new educators navigate the initial hurdles of lesson planning and student assessment. It helps novices find their footing, guiding them through curriculum alignment, personalised student assessment, and interactive content creation. It’s like having a wise mentor available at the click of a button, turning challenges into learning opportunities for these new teachers.

TeacherMatic’s Unstoppable Adaptability

It is early days for all of us in the AI revolution, including the noob on the street… TeacherMatic. This tool has been created by our friends, people with decades of experience in the FE sector. They have done their time in the FE sector, learned the ropes, and experienced the frequent ‘walking through treacle’ days – ultimately, they get it!

TeacherMatic takes on a wide array of tasks that were once painstaking and time-consuming, transforming them into simply clicking a button.
It’s a tool that is incredibly versatile. For example, it generates rubrics, helping me consistently and fairly evaluate student work. It also formulates precise lesson objectives that align with curriculum standards, providing clear guidance for each teaching session. It also creates quizzes, course or module descriptions, titles, and topic notes.

A favourite of mine is its ability to devise schemes of work. This feature helps visualise my sessions’ broader structure and sequence, enabling me to see the bigger picture and ensure every lesson brings us closer to our goals. It also generates glossaries and flashcards, reinforcing key concepts and vocabulary in a student-friendly format.

The MCQ Generator develops multiple-choice questions based on your subject area and choice of websites to provide up-to-date information – see video demo here…

This means it is really easy to generate multiple choice questions based on information on your favourite teaching and learning websites. What’s more you can export these questions in formats suitable for uploading to a VLE, Kahoot or Quizizz.

There’s more! Discussion topics, plenary activities, and classroom debates. These interactive and engaging elements stimulate critical thinking, promote active learning, and encourage students to voice their ideas.
The tool even assists with setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) targets, enabling me to set clear, realistic goals for my students and myself.

The TeacherMatic team are upbeat and responsive. Their willingness and ability to adapt continuously to the latest developments in educational technology is a breath of fresh air.
A perfect example is the recent AI generator to join the TeacherMatic family gallery – Reading List Finder. This feature takes the headache out of sourcing appropriate reading materials.

After one day of using it, Reading List AI Finder has completely changed how I write courses and select reading materials for my students. This AI Finder employs machine learning to sift through a vast database of books and journals in seconds, aligning them with the topics in my lesson plan.

Here’s a quick demo of the Reading List AI generator…

To Infinity and Beyond: TeacherMatic saves the day!

The TeacherMatic is emerging as a game-changer for me in an age that demands efficiency and personalisation. It has lightened my workload and made my courses more focused, effective, and, dare I say it, an enjoyable process lol. 😁



Deborah Millar
Executive Director of Digital Transformation at Hull College

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