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Reza Mosavian Joins TeacherMatic as Senior Partnership Development Manager

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Press Release: Reza Mosavian Joins TeacherMatic as Senior Partnership Development Manager

We are delighted to announce that Reza Mosavian, an observed leader in educational technology, is joining TeacherMatic as the Senior Partnership Development Manager.

Reza brings over a decade of experience in the educational technology sector. His career is marked by a successful transition from classroom teaching to strategic leadership roles, underscoring his deep understanding of the educational landscape and the transformative potential of technology. His journey in edtech began with a profound passion for digital innovation, cultivated through rigorous academic pursuits at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This foundation paved the way for a fruitful teaching career, where he excelled in curriculum management and classroom instruction.

In his previous roles at Colleges and University Centres, Reza was instrumental in integrating cutting-edge digital tools to enhance teaching, learning, and assessment whilst driving operational efficiencies. His initiatives, including the virtual and augmented reality, digital student experience and blended/distance learning provisions, earned significant recognition, such as his team being shortlisted for the TES FE Award for outstanding use of technology and various case studies which have been shared amongst the community.

Reza’s tenure at Tribal Group further solidified his reputation as a leader in educational technology. At Tribal, he played a pivotal role in fostering cross-sector collaborations and driving staff and student facing technology adoption to meet evolving educational needs. His expertise has been instrumental in helping educational institutions navigate digital transformation and improve student experience and outcomes.

Reza’s ability to build strong relationships, deliver compelling presentations, and think strategically will be invaluable as TeacherMatic continues to enhance its offerings and expand its impact in the education sector. His work focuses on actively collaborating with institutions across schools, further education colleges, and universities. By leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced digital tools, Reza aims to help school, college, and university leaders transform their institutions, streamline administrative tasks, and enhance the overall educational experience through AI.

Reza commented, “I am thrilled to join TeacherMatic at this exciting time. As part of Avallain, we have new opportunities to leverage cutting-edge technologies to transform educational experiences. As an educator and leader in the field, I have not lost touch with the daily challenges all staff face. Combining my teaching, leadership, and edtech experiences, I empathise with the challenges and understand how technology can be a force for good. By enabling staff to focus on the student experience, we can put both staff and student needs at the forefront of our priorities. I look forward to working closely with our partners and stakeholders to drive impactful change and support educators in their vital work.”

TeacherMatic, under the leadership of Avallain and with the expertise of Reza Mosavian, is poised to set new benchmarks in the edtech industry, driving forward the mission of enhancing education through innovative technology solutions.

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